ICMC 2022 - Milano

August 5—7, 2022


Main Race

title race # name time points
1st Open 117 Joshua 1:23 120
1st WTNB 84 Clelia 1:40 120
2nd Open 28 Pietro 1:25 120
2nd WTNB 43 Anastasia 1:53 80
3rd Open 49 Billy 1:27 120
3rd WTNB 23 Chloe 1:38 20

Cargo Race

title race # name time points
1st Open 126 Corba 0:58 155
1st WTNB 1312 Shottie 0:41 155
2nd Open 8 Balda 1:03 155
2nd WTNB 84 Clelia 1:00 155
3rd Open 55 Nico 0:58 145

Alleycat Taaaaaac!!

title race # name
1st Open 49 Billy
1st WTNB 23 Chloe
2nd Open 420 Sguatti
2nd WTNB 1312 Shottie
3rd Open 2 Trauzl

Green Dragon Alleycat

title race # name
1st Open 420 Sguatti
1st WTNB 1312 Shottie
2nd Open / 1st OOT 705 Kachow
2nd WTNB 41 Bianca
3rd Open 99 Lorenzo
3rd WTNB 84 Clelia


title race # name
1st Open 1312 Olaf
1st WTNB 1312 Shottie


title race # name
1st Open 53 Arturo
1st WTNB 84 Clelia


title race # name
1st Open 58 Goutier
1st WTNB Alessia

Friday, August 5th

time event location
17:00 — 22:00 registration zam
17:00 — 18:00 group ride arrival zam
19:30 chill ;) zam
21:00 — 01:00 chill night & dinner parco delle memorie industriali

Saturday, August 6th

time event location
9:00 — 10:00 breakfast & open circuit parco baden powell
10:00 — 12:00 main race qualifiers parco baden powell
12:00 — 15:00 lunch parco baden powell
13:00 — 15:00 cargo race parco baden powell
15:30 — 18:30 main race finals parco baden powell
19:00 chill ;) parco baden powell
21:00 — 00:00 dinner lock
00:00 party ???

Sunday, August 7th

time event location
11:00 breakfast rogoredo
12:00 — 16:00 tracklocross & cx race by GGGG rogoredo
16:00 — 18:00 side events rogoredo
18:00 — 19:00 open forum ciq
21:00 — 00:00 awards & dinner ciq

About us

In Milan there are currently 4 bike couriers Companies, with a total of about 60 messengers.
The first Company was born in 2008 and since then Milan hosted alleycats, the European Cycle Messenger Championships 2015 and the first Italian Championship for messenger in 2014.

Why Milan

'Cause here we have everything we need to arrange an amazing ICMC!
After taking part to so many European and World Championships, the Milan messenger community feels like the time has come for them to arrange an event in very Milanese style.

The Crew

We have loads of messengers experienced in organizing events, as well as an amazing team of designers, webmasters, musicians, chefs: everything you need to create an unforgettable event.


Having a long experience in events organization, we have created an excellent network of sponsors, suppliers and contacts.

The Main Race location

We're very happy to arrange the main race in the city center, in the well known area of Navigli, with pubs, bars and restaurants that are always open.
We will also arrange an area, within the main race, where sponsors will be able to hold their stands and where we'll offer food and beverage points.


We will arrange a Housing area, as we already did for the ECMC 2015.


We’re aiming to create a safe and inclusive event. Discrimination, violence, sexist or racist behaviours, as well as any crossing of boundaries without consent, will not be accepted. The Awaremess team will make any effort to prevent these situations and will be there in case any of this happens, so please do not hesitate to reach out if in need.